Occupy Wall Street – DAY 2. Video & pics. Oι αγανακτισμένοι της Νέας Υόρκης – ημέρα 2


Οι αποφάσεις της πρώτης ανοιχτής συνέλευσης των αγανακτισμένων στη Νέα Υόρκη για τον τρόπο δράσης τους.

General Assembly Minutes 9/17/11

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After meeting in Zuccotti park there were mini break out assembly leading up to a the main General Assembly.
There was a discusstion about the process of the General Assembly.

The following items were decided:

  • We will stay in Liberty Plaza indefenitaly
  • We will rename Zuccotti park to Liberty Plaza
  • We will maintain the space and will be responsible for it’s up keep
  • We will have selecting working and thematic groups

Some Groups that have been suggested (and are active):
Working Groups: Security, Food, Legal, Tactical, Sanitation, Media, Internet
Thematic groups: nuclear power and the enviroment, Student education

Please contact Drew@nycga.net if you represent a thematic or working group.